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VQA Ontario Setting the Standards

In the world of wine, quality is not just a measure of taste – it is a reflection of tradition, terroir, and craft. At the heart of Ontario's wine industry stands the Vintners Quality Alliance (VQA) Ontario, a governing body that plays a vital role in ensuring the authenticity and excellence of Ontario wines.

We're dedicating this post to a Spring Into Spice title Sponsor, VQA Wine Country Ontario, and the vital role it plays in shaping the quality of Ontario wine that consumers have come to expect.

VQA wine being poured at Spring Into Spice

VQA Quality Standards

VQA Seal

One of the primary roles of VQA Ontario is to establish and enforce rigorous standards for winemaking practices, grape growing, and labelling. By defining specific criteria that wines must meet to receive the VQA designation, VQA Ontario ensures that consumers can trust the quality and authenticity of wines bearing the VQA seal. These standards encompass everything from varietal labelling, vintage dating, viticultural areas, geographic indications, and vineyard and estate-bottled declarations. These requirements are set out in regulation under the Vintners Quality Alliance Act, 1999 and have the force of law.

Through its rigorous certification process and ongoing monitoring of wineries and vineyards, VQA Ontario promotes transparency and accountability in the Ontario wine industry.

Protecting Terroir and Heritage

VQA Ontario is dedicated to preserving the unique terroir of Ontario's wine regions and promoting the distinct characteristics of Ontario wines. By recognizing specific viticultural areas and sub-appellations, VQA Ontario highlights the diversity of Ontario's terroir, and it encourages winemakers to showcase the best that each region has to offer. This commitment to terroir fosters a sense of place in Ontario wines. Moreover, it ensures the preservation of Ontario's winemaking heritage for future generations.

While VQA Ontario upholds traditional winemaking practices and quality standards, it also embraces innovation and creativity in pursuing excellence. Its very nature is to regard standards in winemaking as a means of setting future winemakers, grape growers, and consumers up for the best interaction and experiences with Ontario wines possible.

The Spice Food and Wine Group (the group behind Spring Into Spice) is proud and honoured to have a partner and sponsor such as VQA Wine Country Ontario!


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