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I invite you to wine with me.

Beverly Crandon is a CMS-certified sommelier, wine lover, marketing operations addict, and founder of the Spice Food & Wine Group.


Beverly has been able to lend her hand both as a consultant and a direct leadership employee in various organizations, from Fortune 500s to start-ups looking to generate mind share, revenues, and a recurring member-base, in their area of discipline. With the Spice Food & Wine Group, Beverly combines her wine education, love of wine, and  work experience, to broaden wine appreciation and advancement in those not deemed the ‘traditional’ wine consumer or professional. 


As a founding member of Vinequity, a not for profit that aims to amplify the voices of BIPOC wine professionals in Canada, Beverly is acutely fashioned to do just that. Her overarching motto:

wine should be inclusive and, through that, approachable. No one should be denied the pleasures of vino!

At Beverly Crandon on Wine, you'll get to specifics on food and wine pairing, including Caribbean food and wine pairing!

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