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The Spice Food & Wine Series is just that; a series of food and wine tastings that highlight the beauty in ethnicity, cuisine, and wine. Imagine taking a wine made in Hungary and pairing it with an Eritrean dish or a wine made in Burgundy, France, and pairing it with a dish from Trinidad. This is what the Spice Food & Wine Series is.

We pair the spices we love with the wines we love and build new and inclusive narratives around wine.

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The face of our community is changing, has changed, and gives cause to celebrate our country's diversity, including acknowledging our food culture and expanding the purview. Pairing ethnic food with wine from both the old and new world is another expression of our diversity. It gives us the chance to bring different cultures together, with the opportunity for discovery. The discovery not just around food and wine pairings but also into other cultures and the historical significance of food culture in other countries.

The Spice Food & Wine series gives everyone a chance to build their own narrative around wine and, more specifically, wine and their national dishes regardless of background and race.  We dispel the myth that wine cannot be paired with many ethnic foods due to food preparation and cooking methodology.

Event-goers leave the Spice Food & Wine events having additional tools in their arsenal that allow them to expand their knowledge around wine and the science behind food and wine pairing in general. 

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