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LCBO find: Schild Estate Shiraz 2019

The all-around crowd pleaser.

From doing tastings and larger events like Fall Into Spice and Spring Into Spice, I get to meet people with very opinionated palates. They know what they like and love what they like. This is not dissimilar to my friend circle. You've got some who are into old world earthiness, some who tout the more acid, the better, some who prefer big new world wines, and some who are down to drink whatever I give them for the experience (love these people). So, when I entertain, I am very much aware of the palates in the room and try to have a level amount of crowd pleasers (each palate can find something to love in the wine), and a few pendulum extremes. The Schild Estate Shiraz 2019 is that crowd pleasure.

About Schild Estate Shiraz 2019

We're travelling to Barossa Valley in Australia for this one.

This wine is a blend of Shiraz grapes taken from the Schild Estate vineyards, with each parcel of land adding its own personality to the blend.

Being Barossa Valley, South Australia, you go in with an understanding that you will reach some ripe fruit on the palate with elevated alcohol, given the region's warmth. What you hope for is that all that big grape love that Barossa can give is balanced by structure and layered non-fruit elements, and this wine is.

On the nose, strawberry, blackberry, plum, currant, eucalyptus, dark chocolate, black tea, and lavender are present. On the palate, cherry, blackberry, currant, plum, bacon, eucalyptus, chocolate, hazelnut, and vanilla. While there is some oak aging involved, the oak is very much so well integrated, adding only structure and light vanilla notes.

I have had this wine opened for more than 24 hours now, and it is far more balanced than when freshly poured. This is a wine you could drink now or three years from now and still be in good hands.

The Schild Estate Shiraz 2019 is available at the LCBO for only $21.95.


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