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Fall Into Spice 2022 Is Here!

Updated: Oct 24, 2022


Fall Into Spice 2022 is here and our lineup is a special one.

You asked us to have a presence in more Ontario regions and we did that. You asked us to feature up and coming culinary talent and we've got that covered in this year's line up too!

These pairing dinners are one of a kind. If you attended any of the Fall Into Spice 2021 series, then you know what I am talking about.

This fall, we’re bringing you three culinary food and wine events that will give you a chance to see how tropical cuisine and wine are a definite match made in heaven.

Multi-course meals paired with wine.

INCLUDED IN THIS SERIES (October - November 2022)

Tasting Event 1 - Caribbean - Guyanese Fusion

Tasting Event 2 - Caribbean - Trinidad

Tasting Event 3 - Explore the Cuisines of Canada Today (Indian, Jamaican, Mexican, Ethiopian, and the Philippines)

Imagine, through one glass of wine and one bite, we’re going to bring many distinct places and cultures together!


Fall Into Spice is an annual celebration of the diverse cuisines of Canada. Here, we take foods not often highlighted in wine pairing conversations, and we do just that; pair them with wine! The team behind Fall Into Spice are individuals from the African-Caribbean Diaspora. Our passion is wine, and our heart is in spreading that love of wine to our respective communities. Our culinary food and wine events allow the community to see how tropical cuisine and wine can be a match made in heaven. This is a one-of-a-kind culinary event for Toronto as we focus on both food and wine flavour by pairing the wines we love with the spices we love. What is wine if not something to be shared with a community over food, merriment, and togetherness? Fall Into Spice is the sibling event to Spring Into Spice. Both brands are operated under the Spice Food & Wine Group. This is done in support of cognitive diversity in wine. We would love to have you FALL INTO SPICE with us!


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