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FALL INTO SPICE: Pairing Tropical Foods With Wine

Combining the spices we love with the wines we love!

This fall, we’re bringing four culinary food and wine events to Toronto that will give the community a chance to see how tropical cuisine and wine can be a match made in heaven. This tasting series has been fittingly named FALL INTO SPICE!

5-course meals paired with wines!

INCLUDED IN THIS SERIES (September - October 2021)

Tasting Event 1 - Caribbean - Trinidadian Fusion

Tasting Event 2 - East African - Ethiopian

Tasting Event 3 - Latin American - Mexican

Tasting Event 4 - Caribbean - Cajun Fusion

Five flavourful dishes that describe, through taste, a sense of place. Imagine, through one glass of wine and one bite, we’re going to bring two distinct places and cultures together!

This will be a one-of-a-kind culinary event for Toronto as we focus on both food and wine flavour combining the spices we love with wines we love.

​What is wine, if not something to be shared with a community over food, merriment, and togetherness?

​This event is done in support of cognitive diversity in wine.

About the Team behind FALL INTO SPICE

The team behind Fall Into Spice are individuals from the African-Caribbean and Latin Diaspora. Our passion is wine, and our heart is in spreading that love of wine to our respective communities.

We would love to have you FALL INTO SPICE with us!


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