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Fall Into Spice Fall 2021 Edition - that's a wrap!

Months ago, just after my 12 Days of Caribana food pairing posts, I had the idea to spread my love of Caribbean Food and Wine with as many people as possible, and from there, Fall Into Spice was born!

Truly a labour of love, Fall Into Spice, both the planning and the doing, warmed my heart. There were so many firsts at these events. There were so many firsts at these events. We introduced grape varieties not common and introduced wines from countries not often spoken about in wine production. We took many wine expressions from all over the world and paired them with Caribbean, Ethiopian and Mexican cuisine. We were able to show that the diversity of food and wine pairing is a beautiful thing through understanding!

I am honoured that so many of you allowed me to share my love of Caribbean food, and wine with you at Fall Into Spice and, with that, joined me on the journey of demystifying wine and breaking down barriers of wines misrepresentation.

Stay tuned for more spicy pairing fun... There is so much more coming in 2022!

If you have a cuisine you would like to see us incorporate on the next Spice Dining Series drop me a line.

Some Fall Into Spice Pairing Highlights:

Trinidadian Doubles - paired with - Szászi Birtok, Zenit, Hungary

Cassava Pone - paired with - Ridgepoint Wines Dolce Appassimento, Canada

Ethiopian Kategna - paired with - Perlage Zharpi Processo, Italy

Ethiopian Bere Tibs - paired with - Fita Preta, Tinto Alentejano, Portugal

Jerk Corn - paired with - Nyarai Cellars, Folklore Sparkling Wine, Canada

Blackened Salmon - paired with - Bernard Baudry Chinon, France

...and so much more


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