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First Fall Into Spice: One Not To Forget!

Where do I start?!

On September 26, 2021, we had our very first Fall Into Spice event at 3030 with Chef Adisa Glasgow, and it was a blast.

We tasted through seven wines and paired them with five food courses that highlighted Caribbean flavours and spices.

Our food courses had us traverse through doubles, bake and basa, curry goat, and cassava pone.

Our wines allowed us to travel to some faraway places such as Italy, Hungary, Portugal, and of course, a stop right here in Ontario, Canada!

As a group, we talked through the flavours of the wines and the food and how they reacted with each other. We learned how to grow and expand our palate, and many walked away with a new view of a grape they just learned about or a region they thought they would never enjoy.

We had a wonderful time yesterday. This pairing has opened up my palate to fish...of all things! Wow

says attendee Leslie.

I was surprised at how well the Zenit from Hungary went with the doubles. I never even heard of that grape until this tasting. Thank you for a wonderful time!

says attendee Sheryl.

A big thanks to everyone who came out to the first Fall Into Spice event at 3030!


The team behind Fall Into Spice (FIS) are individuals from the African-Caribbean and Latin Diaspora. Our passion is wine, and our heart is in spreading that love of wine to our respective communities.

FIS is a series of culinary food and wine events in Toronto that give the community a chance to see how tropical cuisine and wine can be a match made in heaven.

Try flavourful dishes that describe, through taste, a sense of place. Imagine, through one glass of wine and one bite, we’re going bring two distinct places and cultures together!

This will be a one-of-a-kind culinary event for Toronto as we focus on both food and wine flavour combining the spices we love with wines we love.

What is wine, if not something to be shared with a community over food, merriment, and togetherness?

This is done in support of cognitive diversity in wine.


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