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How to Find Wines that Punch Above Their Price

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

The myth that price is an indication of quality is not a fair statement. Of course, there will be instances where the saying 'you get what you pay for' also applies to wine, but there are tips one can keep in mind the next time you are at your wine store, and looking for that great value wine.

In this segment on daytime television show the Social, I share insights on why certain wines cost more than others, and walk you through some gems I have encountered.

Wines Featured on the Segment

The Fielding Estate Winery Unoaked Chardonnay is a fun, easy-drinking wine with layers. Truthfully, it is the layers that get you. At a highly affordable price point in the LCBO vintages section, this 'wine find' is a must-try.


Fresh and lemony on the nose. In the mouth, it adds apple, melon and some citrus pith, with wild herbs on the finish. It is a dry wine with fresh, zippy acidity.


On the palate, the fruit shows similar to the nose, mostly, and then you are greeted with plum, mushroom, dark chocolate, and peppercorn in the mouth. Let's not forget that long finish and round body on the palate. This is truly a great buy.


This wine comes with flavours of raspberries, baked plums, dark spices, and smokey notes. Full bodied, with soft tannins and balanced acidity, Orso Bruno is a smooth, easy-drinking wine.


This sparkling wine is dry and medium bodied with a fine mousse; the attack is creamy in feel with fully extracted Mutsu apple fruit; the mid-palate is rich beneath with a light chalkiness and grapefruit pith note over top.


**we just noticed the wine has gone up in price since we did the segment, even with that, this is still a damn good buy!


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