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LCBO Find: Château de Ségure Vieilles Vignes Fitou 2020

Updated: November 10, 2023

We're updating this post as the Château de Ségure Vieilles Vignes Fitou 2021 is now available.

The 2021 vintage was was a dry one for the south of France with many areas experiencing drought. Drought can affect the vines in many ways one of which is a reduction in yield, which was the case for the 2021 vintage. The reduced yields gave us a concentrated and vibrant Fitou this year.

The vintage is recognized in the Château de Ségure Vieilles Vignes Fitou 2021 in that its fruit is slightly more intense, but nicely balanced with vibrant acidity. This is still a fantastic value buy.

Now, continue below to read about the 2020 vintage.



Today's LCBO 'find' places us in southeast France; this time, however, we are in Languedoc-Roussillon.

It's not the first time a wine from Languedoc has been a feature in our 'wine find' segment, and that is for good reason.

In the mid to late 19th century, the region turned from producing quality wines that were written about to producing wines on mass to support the growing demand, partly due to the Industrial Revolution. It took a series of winemaker protests in the area during the early 20th century to get things back in line and end overproduction. With that said, gaining its pre-Industrial Revolution status in winemaking has been a long and hard one for the Languedoc. However, I will say this torrid history impacts the prices these wines can fetch, and we as consumers, unfortunately, benefit from this.

About Château de Ségure

Château de Ségure dates from the 11th century, and its winemaking history is as historic. It touts that it is the first property in the region of Fitou to make wine. The property and its winemaking program are managed by the famed cooperative, Caves de Taches.

About Château de Ségure Vieilles Vignes Fitou 2020

This wine is such a unicorn in the glass. You expect it to act one way, and then it surprises you by rearing its head to be a delectable sipper.

On colour, the Château de Ségure Vieilles Vignes Fitou 2020 is bordering on purple, but it does a complete change of being on the palate.

On the nose, notes of cherry, raspberry, strawberry, current, date, fig, lavender, and wet stone stand out.

On the palate, the fruit shows similar to the nose, mostly, and then you are greeted with plum, mushroom, dark chocolate, and peppercorn in the mouth. Let's not forget that long finish and round body on the palate. This is truly a great buy.

This wine is a red blend of Carignan, Grenache, and Syrah.

The Château de Ségure Vieilles Vignes Fitou 2020 can be found at the LCBO for $19.95 in Vintages.


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