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Caribbean Expressions

Caribbean Expressions Through the Art of Patties

Virtual wine and patty pairing cause … we're priming for Spring Into Spice!

What’s something that can be filled with almost anything edible, baked, enjoyed by young and old, and carried in just one hand.  A PATTY!!!


We’re priming for Spring Into Spice with some kick-butt virtuals, such as this one: Caribbean Expressions Through the Art of Patties.


Date: March 13, 2022

Time: 2:00 PM

Price: $78.28

Where: Virtual Event. An event link will be sent in your confirmation email.


The What:

Our special guest, Stush Patties, will put together a pack of six patties of different flavours, and we’re going to pair these all with wine. If you are unfamiliar with Stush Patties, you have to check them out.  For now I will let you know they do patties filled with such things as jerk chicken, lentils, shrimp, ackee, and the expected beef! Just genius.


THIS IS NOT YOUR REGULAR WINE AND PATTY TASTING!  Writing that sentence, I realised there is nothing regular about this pairing, but that makes this an unbeatable experience and crazy delicious.

I’ll send you:

  • A box of six patties of various flavours.

  • 1 bottle of our featured and highlighted wine, hand-selected to pair with the flavour profiles of the patties we’ll be tasting that day.

  • Two 4oz samples of additional pairing wines.

We’re in luck with Stush Patties as their product gives us a chance to talk about many food elements, tastes, and flavour compounds and how those, as individual elements, transform when paired with wine and vice versa!

About Stush Foods

Stush, a Jamaican word meaning "proper"

A few years ago, Opal Rowe came home from  work, craving a light meal, something comforting yet wholesome, with a glass of wine.  She was craving a Jamaican patty.She went on a hunt to find such a patty, something she could have conveniently have in her freezer for a quick and satisfying meal. She couldn't find one ... so she made one.


The Jamaican patty  is one of the most iconic  snack foods, but as snack food culture was getting the premium treatment, the patty wasn't.  In 2020 Stush Foods, was formed with a mission to transform the humble Jamaican patty  into a convenient, healthier food.


In 2021Stush patties were launched. They are the first gourmet patties made with quality, natural ingredients. Stush patties are available in variety of fillings and are found in grocery stores and eateries across Ontario.

Stush Company Profile.jpg


the news

I am beyond happy to announce that we’ve been busy planning Spring Into Spice over here.  Our goal is to give you much of what was great about Fall Into Spice but with a twist.


Dinner 1 - May 9th, Caribbean food and wine pairing dinner

Dinner 2 - June 8th, Thai food and wine pairing dinner

Open Air Festival - May 28th, ethnic food and wine outdoor festival


The Caribbean Expressions Through the Art of Patties is a celebratory virtual event to start to prime us for Spring Into Spice!


**BONUS**: As a ‘thank you’ for hanging with us virtually, your *Full Experience ticket to Caribbean Expressions Through the Art of Patties entitles you to 10% off of your Spring Into Spice ticket!!  You can pick any one (1) of our Spring Into Spice 2022 events and take 10% off the advertised price for your single ticket purchase.

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Chocolate Dessert



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Jerk chicken.jpeg


*Full Experience Ticket refers to the wine and food pairing experience and does not include ‘listen only’ experiences.

Full Exp Expressions
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