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Chocolate Dessert

I Heart Wine & Chocolate

I Heart Wine & Chocolate

A LOT...

Virtual wine and chocolate pairing cause … it’s Valentine’s.

We’re priming for Spring Into Spice with some kick-butt virtuals, the first being I Heart Wine and Chocolate A Lot. A virtual wine and chocolate pairing cause … it’s Valentine’s.


Date: February 6, 2022

Time: 2:00 PM

Price: $66.80

Where: Virtual Event. An event link will be sent in your confirmation email.


The What:

We’re going to taste through a bevy of chocolate flavours and pair each of them with wine.  We’ll break down some general pairing rules during the tasting and prove some of the others to be hogwash. We’ve also got a special guest joining us for this event to make sure we leave no stone unturned.


I’ll send you:

  • A box of hand-selected artisanal chocolates.

    • I am pretty excited about the chocolate flavours we’re going with here. We’re going to have a lot of fun pairing them with wine.

  • A bottle of sparkling wine.

  • Two 4oz samples of additional pairing wines.


This virtual tasting is set up to get you to think about wine and chocolate pairing outside of the norm!



the news

I am beyond happy to announce that we’ve been busy planning Spring Into Spice over here.  Our goal is to give you much of what was great about Fall Into Spice but with a twist.


Dinner 1 - May 9th, Caribbean food and wine pairing dinner

Dinner 2 - June 8th, Thai food and wine pairing dinner

Open Air Festival - May 28th, ethnic food and wine outdoor festival


The I Heart Wine and Chocolate A Lot is a celebratory virtual event to start to prime us for Spring Into Spice!


**BONUS**: As a ‘thank you’ for hanging with us virtually, your *Full Experience ticket to I Heart Wine And Chocolate A Lot entitles you to 10% off of your Spring Into Spice ticket!!  You can pick any one (1) of our Spring Into Spice 2022 events and take 10% off the advertised price for your single ticket purchase.

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*Full Experience Ticket refers to the wine and food pairing experience and does not include ‘listen only’ experiences.

Full Exp
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