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What Wine Pairs with Curry Lamb

Curry lamb and rosé (rose) wine

Curry a childhood, now adulthood, favourite. Lamb a definite adulthood favourite. So, what happens when you combine the two? Magic; that's what happens. Furthermore, what makes this dish go a step beyond magical is when you find a wine pairing for it that works regardless of season, time, or place. That magical curry lamb wine pairing for me is rosé.

Unfortunately, rosé gets a bad rap because many think it is a wine for the summer. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rosé, with incredible structure (acidity), can be something to drink all year round. In fact, I've just pulled out a few rosé wines I had purchased four years ago and forgotten about, and those wines are still singing.

What's vital in a good rosé, especially one you are looking to pair with curry, is that it has 'medium+' to 'high' acidity, comes from a cool climate region, and is made with red grapes known for their peppery and herbal notes. This 'like with like', referring to the peppery note found in the wine and then in the curry, makes for an incredible congruent pairing. Grapes that fall into this peppery/herbed category are:

  • Syrah

  • Zweigelt

  • Grenache

  • Malbec

Once you know the acid is there, pairing a wine with a well herbed dish also tends to enhance the flavours of a wine. In the case of curry and rosé, you will note that the red fruits on the wine become more prominent and are balanced by that backbone of acidity.

Last but not least, let's not forget the tannin. With rosé, it's nice to know that you've got an element of tannin, however subtle, to also play a role, coupled with the acidity, in breaking down the meat in your curry.

In summary when pairing curry lamb with rosé:

  1. Look for high acid rosé wines made from red grapes with peppery notes.

  2. The curry will make the fruit profile on your wine seem more pronounced and enhance the taste.

  3. The tannin in the rosé, plus sturdy acidity, will help to breakdown the meat in your curry, therefore enhancing the textures in your mouth.

...and that's why rosé is my go to pairing wine for curry lamb.



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