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LCBO Find: Los Haroldos Estate Bonarda 2019

Today's LCBO 'find' takes us to Mendoza, Argentina, a region I don't explore enough, and with a grape I rarely drink, Bonarda. Today's wine, however, is taking me back to the geographical features of Mendoza that lead it to produce wonderful wines. So, with a sip of the Los Haroldos Estate Bonarda 2019, it was clear that it was something to write about.

Los Haroldos Estate
Courtesy of: Los Haroldos Estate

About Los Haroldos Estate

Los Haroldos Estate is a family run winery in the North Valley of Mendoza, in Argentina. The operation was founded in 1939 by Haroldo Santos Falasco (Don Lolo) on the premise of quality and approachable wines, and that remains a true focus even today.

The Falasco family also owns vineyards in the Uco Valley and South Valley, but today's wine comes from their North Valley property, an area known for Bonarda. Their North Valley vineyards benefit from the unique combination of high altitudes and the moderating effects of the Andes Mountains.

A traditional winery steeped in history, even the winery logo is a reflection of the past. The angel raising a glass is representative of their ancestors who are no longer here to raise a glass with them.

Los Haroldos Estate Bonarda 2019

About Los Haroldos Estate Bonarda 2019

The Los Haroldos Estate Bonarda is an excellent expression of this varietal. It's got a deep ruby hue that makes you think you're in for something big and bold on the palate, but you're not. On the nose, cherry, strawberry jam, and herbs come to mind. On the palate, cherry, strawberry, plum, fig, cocoa, and a touch of allspice are noted. This is a wine with great acidity, medium-bodied, and a keen finish. An all around fun wine to drink.

The Los Haroldos Estate Bonarda 2019 can be found at the LCBO for $15.95 in Vintages.


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