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LCBO Find:El Gorú Monastrell/Syrah/Petit Verdot

Have you ever explored the wines out of Jumilla, Spain? If you have not, it's worth a try. While the majority of what is frown in Jumilla is Monastrell (Mourvedre), you do find astounding white wines made from Airen, plush rosé wines made from a Monastrell/Grenache blend, and red wines made wholly of Monastrell.

Jumilla Spain Vineyard

Today's LCBO find, El Gorú, made by Ego Bodegas, is from Jumilla, Spain, and is a Monastrell-led red wine blend. Let's get into it.

About Ego Bodegas

Ego Bodegas is a project created in 2011 by two friends, Santos Ortiz and Ioana Paunescu. From inception, they set out to make good wines that were a happy marriage of showcasing the region's esteem while managing the extended consumer price. The pair have executed their strategy beautifully, as the winery now has a presence in over 30 countries.

Ortiz and Paunescu have adopted a mindful approach to production that is responsible, sustainable, and approachable: "Within the rustic aspect of the winery and its surroundings, we keep the required technology to make the vinification a clean, easy, safe, and highly controlled process".

El Goru wine bottle

About El Gorú

The El Gorú wine is a great way to get familiar with the region of Jumilla. It's approachable, testable, and rich. The El Gorú wine is a blend of Monastrell, Syrah and Petit Verdot, with Monastrell being the predominant grape.

In the glass, Monastrell does not hide its identity. El Gorú in the glass is a deep ruby, bordering on purple. On the nose, elderberry, currant, dates, and violet sing. On the palate, black raspberry, fig, plum, vanilla, black pepper notes (likely from the Syrah), and receptive tannins are noted.

The El Gorú is best served at 15 degrees celsius and enjoyed with typical red wine fair, but will also work with traditional 1-pot dishes.

The El Gorú Monastrell/Syrah/Petit Verdot can be found a the LCBO, vintages section for $15.95.


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