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Fall Into Spice at The Chefs House George Brown College

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Fall Into Spice 2022 ends at George Brown, Chefs' House, where we explore the foods of India, Jamaica, Mexico, Ethiopia, and the Philippines. November 15th at 6:00PM.

If you've not been to one of our Spice Food & Wine dinner series (Fall Into Spice / Spring Into Spice), you are missing out on an experience. The dinners happen at an ethnic restaurant in southwestern Ontario. We book the restaurant for an evening, collaborate with the chef on a multi-course menu, and thoughtfully pair each course with wine. The idea is to let the cuisine drive the wine choices showing that the myth that wine is not a suitable pairing with particular ethnic foods is just that, a myth.

The Fall Into Spice and Spring Into Spice series was something born out of:

  • Trying to break down barriers around food and wine pairing.

  • Finding a conduit to have healthy conversations about diversity and food ownership versus origin.

  • Dismissing stereotypes

Though on the surface it may appear to be simple food and wine pairing dinners, all of the above happens naturally.

This year for Fall Into Spice, we wanted to end it on an epic note, truly showcasing Canada's diversity. We approached George Brown College with the idea of hosting the last 2022 dinner at the Chefs' House. Not only did we want to use their facility, but we also wanted to get the Culinary Arts Program students involved. When they agreed, we took the idea one step further and asked that they come up with a 5-course menu representing five ethnicities prominent in Canada; India, Jamaica, Mexico, Ethiopia, and the Philippines. The evening is set to be one of discovery and culinary magic!

There's more to the evening that makes it extra special. We asked the executive chef of the Culinary Arts Program that they incorporate an item that Canada is known for, representing the celebration of these different cuisines on one land. This year that 'Canadian' item is Ice Wine. Lastly, through your participation as a guest, the course that stands out as the crowd favourite will be added to the menu at the Chefs' House for a month!

You can grab your tickets to this epic event here.

Partial proceeds of this event go to the program.

5-Course Exploration of the Cuisines of Canada Today

Join us on November 15, 2022, at 6:00 PM as we walk you through an incredible 5-course menu designed by award-winning Chef John Higgins, Executive Chef Missy Hui, and the students of the George Brown Culinary Arts Program. Our meal will take us to India, Jamaica, Mexico, Ethiopia, and the Philippines, so get your passports ready.

This dinner is unique as we not only experience the prowess of Chef Higgins and Chef Hui, but we also get to celebrate the up and coming brilliant chefs of George Brown College.

The George Brown team has come up with an incredible menu, despite our ask to include one truly Canadian ingredient, which is Ice Wine this year. The goal is to show that though the dish origins may differ, we're all Canadians on this soil!

The inclusion of the student program is a first for Fall Into Spice and definitely will not be the last. This is going to be an exceptional event!

Partial proceeds will be donated to the George Brown Culinary Arts Program.


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