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Summer Reds You Need To Know

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Your list of must have red wines for patio season!

Red wine in the summer

When it comes to summertime libations, red wine may not be the first beverage that comes to mind. However, overlooking red wines during the warm months would be a missed opportunity to indulge in a world of vibrant flavours, refreshing textures, and delightful pairings. In this blog post, I curate a list of my go to red wines for summer, debunk the myth that red wines are exclusively reserved for cooler seasons, and invite you to explore the wonders of summertime red wines. So grab a glass, find a cozy spot in the shade, and let's embark on a journey through the enticing world of red wines perfect for the sun-soaked days.

Room Temperature?

We've all been told that red wines are to be served at room temperature. Given this, many will take a red wine from the cupboard, kitchen wine rack, under the bed, or wherever you store it, open it, and then consume. It's meant to be served at room temperature, after all. This is false.

Red wines should be served anywhere between 13° to 18° Celsius. Room temperature, on the other hand, is 20° Celsius, a temperature much too warm for red wines. Also important to note is that the lighter the red wine, the cooler you can stand to go.

When I give my Pinot Noir a slight chill, my red berries get a chance to play a leading role on the palate. If I've got a red wine higher in alcohol, a slight chill tempers that alcohol on the palate, and the rest of the wine's profile gets to shine.

Slightly chilling red wines can provide a refreshing experience without compromising their distinct characteristics.

Summer Food Fare Wine Pairings

While red wines can be enjoyed on their own, exploring their culinary potential during summer adds another layer of enjoyment. Pairing lighter reds with grilled vegetables, fish or chicken is a sure fire winner. Doing ribs on the barbecue? Pull out that bottle of Carménère or Grenache. Doing a classic steak on the Q? Pull out that bottle of Barolo.

Don't be afraid to experiment because of the season. Let your taste buds guide you toward unexpected and delicious combinations.

My Go To Red Wines For Summer

Pro tip - keep checking back as this list has grown, and more posts about new summertime red wine experiences are coming!

Summertime red wines offer a delightful alternative to the more traditional choices associated with warm weather. From chilling your reds to seeking out lighter styles and exploring rosé-inspired cousins, there is an abundance of options to enhance your summer.


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