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The Spice Food and Wine Group presents BLACK GRAPES, a Black History Month Celebration.

An evening of celebrating black winemakers and agents from around the world. 

In wine, the term ‘black grapes’ is used to describe the grapes that go into making red wine. On February 21st, however, we’re using the term to celebrate wines with contributions made by the black community to celebrate Black History Month.


Come and taste wines from Canada, the United States, South Africa, and more. The wines are curated by sommelier Beverly Crandon, and each come with a unique sense of style and delicious versatility. 

What’s more, you’ll get to sample snacks from the Caribbean and Western Africa while you taste wines. 

All food and wine samples are covered with your ticket cost of $35. 


Let’s raise a glass on February 21st to the many black voices in wine.



Be sure to watch Trenedee Watson create magic on site as she live paints one of her cherished abstracts! Visit the gallery rooms to see works by other young black artists from the community.

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