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Fitapreta Vinhos Tinto Alentejano - Part of the FIS Mixed Case

We're proud to announce that Fitapreta Vinhos Tinto Alentejano is a part of the FALL INTO SPICE Mixed Case!

The Fitapreta Tinto Alentejano is a blend of the Aragonez (Tempranillo), Alicante Bouschet, and Trincadeira grapes. To put it simply, this is winemaker Antonio Mancanita’s expression of the Alentejo terroir and it is beyond expressive and delicious.

So far at FALL INTO SPICE we’ve paired this wine with curry goat and an Ethiopian dish called Bere Tibs (beef cubes, jalapenos, onions and awaze), and this alone gives you a glimpse into this wines versatility with flavourful foods.

The FALL INTO SPICE mixed case is now available here!


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